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Silent Auction Database Software

BidStation Offline Overview

BidStation Offline is a highly praised and well reviewed offline auction software solution to help nonprofits and fundraisers such as churches, schools, charities, and many others organize and run auctions.

Auction database for nonprofits: Our auction system is designed for people who run charity auctions by people who have run benefit auctions themselves. We understand how fundraising auctions work from the inside out – it’s programmed into our DNA with over a decade of experience. If you are a nonprofit organization holding bid sheet style auctions, you should use BidStation.

Fast, Simple: BidStation Offline is designed for user-friendliness and fast data entry. Compared to other silent auction software, BidStation is simpler — less “bloated” with functions that you don’t want or need — and easier to use right out of the box.

Everything fundraisers need: From bid sheets and templates, assigning bid numbers and table numbers, to a streamlined check-in and checkout process, BidStation has you covered. And if you need to get more creative to handle more complex events, BidStation’s up to the challenge.

Support driven: we’re here for you and happy to help if you need it!


Total organization

BidStation gathers together all of your auction information into its database.  Auction items, donor info, for sale items, attendees, custom fields — all in easy to find places.  This frees you from multiple spreadsheets or paper files and allows you to do everything you need to do from start to finish.

Integrated with PayStation

Unlock the power of ExpressPay card pre-swiping so you can check guests in with credit cards and have a no-line checkout.  We make it easy with our payment processing system.

Print everything you need from one place

Bid sheets, displays, catalogs, labels, thank you letters — the list is endless.  Use our supplied auction bid sheet templates or create your own custom docs with MS Word and merge data directly from BidStation.

Super fast check-in and checkout

Input bid sheet bids in record time, then create bidder invoices for printing or emailing in just one click.  BidStation will calculate all amounts, including tax if needed, and transfer the information to PayStation for credit card billing.

BidStation Features

BidStation is purpose-built for streamlining the benefit auction cashiering process.  Its intuitive functionality allows for quick guest registration, winning bid and purchase entry and invoice printing. For a comprehensive solution, add PayStation’s integrated card payments. PayStation syncs information with BidStation to save you time, eliminate duplicate entry and provide ExpressPay checkout.

  • ExpressPay invoicing for pre-swiping cards.
  • Track bids on auction items.
  • Track sales of non-auction items.
  • Print AND email invoices to bidders.
  • Export all data to CSV or Excel.
  • Export reports to multiple formats including Word and Excel.
  • Quick and easy path to a successful checkout.
  • All data can be manually input into database or imported from Excel.
  • All bid sheets, cataloges, award certificates are created as Word documents allowing unlimited editing and formatting.
  • Over 30 templates are provided and you can create your own.
  • Windows OS only.
  • Integrates with PayStation for ExpressPay processing.
  • Built on MS Access.
  • Multi-user, network ready.
  • Unlimited events, no license limits.
  • Auto calculates starting bids and bid increments.
  • Auto number auction items.
  • Auto generate bidder numbers.
  • Calculate taxes where applicable.


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