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PayStation: Payment Processing Program

PayStation is a complete credit card payment processing system — a combination of software, USB card reader hardware, and a merchant account that is purpose-built specifically for nonprofit organizations running benefits, fundraisers, auctions, and events. It is a simple operation for cashiers to swipe a credit card, record bidder number and save the encrypted, tokenized record. Once recorded, transactions are ready to be processed when you are.

Offline Payment Processing: Each PayStation operates independently so there is no need for network or Internet connections, making it an especially suited payment system for remote locations.

Online Payment Processing: When you order PayStation, you’ll also get a fully-functional merchant account for all credit card brands that can also be used for online payments and registrations, mobile payments, emailing receipts, etc. This merchant account is directly held by your organization and linked to its bank account for daily deposits of processed payments. We can also host your event registration webpages for you at no extra charge.

Simple and Affordable: Our system takes the mystery out of the merchant account and makes it simple and affordable to accept card payments anywhere.

Payment Professing for Auctions: PayStation is an excellent stand-alone payment system that has been tightly integrated with BidStation Auction Checkout Software for a comprehensive auction check-in, check-out clerking solution.

PayStation also plays well with other fundraising software for nonprofits so you can choose to use a different auction management software if BidStation doesn’t suit your needs.

Reviews: Highly praised by many important charities and fundraisers across Canada and the United States!

Offline Payment Processing

PayStation works offline to allow you to capture and store tokenize credit cards for each bidder.  It takes seconds to swipe each card and allows your guests to pre-pay at check-in so they don’t need to pay at the end of the night.  No internet or networks required so it works anywhere you need it to.


Integrated with BidStation

Designed to work alongside BidStation, our auction software solution, for optimal efficiency. Built with nonprofits in mind, you’ll breeze through each stage of auction clerking by syncing information that would normally be hand-entered with bank terminals or ill-suited mobile payment systems. Sync amounts, payments and ExpressPay check-in with just a few clicks. Easy!

Secure, encrypted, PCI Level 1 payments

PayStation uses powerful database encryption to store payment tokens in its database to give you confidence in the safety and security of your guests’ payment information.  Our merchant partners are certified compliant PCI Level 1 processors and payments are sent directly to your organization’s bank on a daily basis.

Super fast check-in for super fast check-out

Take advantage of credit card check-in to speed up your check-out.  Guests use their bidder number for all of their purchases, making it a cashless event and making your check-out lines non-existent. Integrates with BidStation to sync payment balances automatically and end double entry inefficiency and inaccuracy.

PayStation Features

  • ExpressPay card pre-swiping.
  • PCI Level 1 tokenized payments.
  • Unlimited use at unlimited events.
  • Comes standard with 2 readers.
  • Order extra readers to create additional PayStations.
  • Does not require internet or network connection.
  • Tracks payments by bidder number.
  • Syncs balances and payment status with BidStation.
  • No ongoing license fees.
  • Email receipts to cardholders.
  • Process payments post-event, when you’re ready.
  • Use at any event to capture payments.
  • Accept all card brands with included PaySafe merchant account.
  • Low, fixed-rate card processing fees.
  • Includes hosted event registration page for no additional charge.

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Get BidStation and PayStation software, a merchant account for payment simulations and sample database records to work with. Fully functional — only limited to 20 records.

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