The short answer is yes. Any computer with BidStation installed and licensed will be able to browse a local area network (LAN) to access and load a BidStation database file. BidStation’s reliability at your event has at its foundation the fact that it’s built to be local, not hosted in the cloud or on the internet (vulnerable to hacking, connectivity issues, etc.). The longer answer involves asking you to consider what you want to do with multiple users. If you’re thinking of having multiple users working on inputting items and attendees, printing bidsheets, etc., you should ask yourself if this is a good idea. Yes, BidStation supports this type of activity, but in practice we discourage it. Our experience is that it is best practice to have one person in charge of inputting and managing the data, or having one in charge of items and one in charge of attendees. In this scenario, it is not necessary to use a networked file as the data can easily be merged into the event-ready database, when needed.


Our intended use of BidStation on a multi-user environment is to allow more than to clerking stations to be able to enter bids and other bids at one time. Having multiple bid entry teams will greatly shorten the clerking time required when you have an auction with a large number of auction items and/or other bids (raffle tickets, balloon pops, fund a need, etc.).

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