Get the latest updates for BidStation & PayStation.

(check for updates won’t work for this one.)

Don’t wait! Update!  We’ve added some fixes and made performance and functionality improvements to both BidStation and PayStation.  But this time, download the installer and reinstall both apps.  We’ve made some server changes that prevent the “check for updates” tools in each app from being able to apply this round of updates.

Visit the download page at to get the latest versions of both BidStation and PayStation.

BidStation Databases will not be impacted by this update and will remain on your computer and ready for use with the new versions. PayStation records will be deleted in this process so if you have any that you need to keep, be sure to make a backup of them first.

Here’s what’s been updated in BidStation:

  1. Change some navigation menu names. Set database path is now called Open Database (makes sense right?). Merge docs is now called Create Documents.
  2. Re-located BidStation update and license servers. This is a background process update.
  3. Updated user guide to reflect changes in the 1.3.3 release.
  4. Updated number formatting in Single Invoice template to currency format.
  5. “Cannot save database in this location” error has been fixed.
  6. Multi-page invoice by email fix. If user attempts to send invoice by email with more than 30 line items in the purchases and winning bids, warning message will appear indicating which invoices have too many items.  Email invoice function can only be used to send single page invoices. In the previous version, sending invoices with multiple pages caused pagination issues that resulted in sending invoices to the wrong bidders.
  7. Revert to demo mode after update – this will not happen from this version on. After updating, BidStation will retain your license status so that if it’s registered, it will not require re-registering.
  8. Value column decimal places have been fixed to show currency formatting.
  9. Balance owing report has been updated. Now shows only records with balances owing.

Here’s what’s updated in PayStation:

  1. Re-located PayStation update and license servers. This is a background process update.
  2. Fixed issue when syncing invoice total amounts with BidStation where amounts were being rounded up.

We’ve created a how to video for this update showing you how to uninstall and reinstall both BidStation and PayStation.  Watch this video here (

For anyone feeling uncertain or having problems updating? Let us know.  We’d be happy to connect with you on remote support to assist you with the update process.

We’re continuing to work on new features such as split pay and baskets and look forward to updating with those functions later this year.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know!

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