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PayStation is part of our auction software solution for nonprofits and fundraisers. It’s built for churches, schools, charities, and other non-profit organizations to run silent auctions efficiently and affordably. See all of our auction solutions here.

Here’s what’s new in PayStation 4.1.0.

  1. Reply to email address for e-receipts. Add a reply to email address in the setup screen so your cardholders will reach you directly if they click reply on their emailed payment receipt. This will facilitate better communication with your bidders as well as notify you directly of any bounced messages, likely due to typos in the address.  If you include sending admin receipt copies, you will be able to use that copy to resend the receipt to bounced addresses, once you’ve corrected the typo, and if the cardholder requires it.
  2. Improved messaging with test payments. Have you noticed the test button that we introduced in the Setup window in the last update?  In Test mode, you can simulate payment processing with the sample credit card numbers that are present when you first launch PayStation (tip: make a backup of these if you want to use them several times!).  The only time test or live impacts usage is when payments are being uploaded.We’ve improved the messaging to alert you if the system is in Test mode, so you don’t accidentally process live payments that way.Remember, test mode and live mode only impact PayStation usage when processing payments, not when swiping cards.Test mode is only used for simulating payment processing with the test mode account credentials.You should never use live account credentials in test mode.
  3. Reset payment status. Have you ever wanted or needed to charge a bidder’s card a second time but couldn’t because it was already approved? We’ve added a new button to the review screen called Reset.  With Reset, you can change a record’s payment status from Approved to NA, allowing you to re-authorize multiple payments on the account.

How to update your PayStation System.

If PayStation is installed on your computer, you can update automatically: With the computer connected to the internet, click the Check for Updates tool under the Help menu.  You will see a message confirming that an update is available. This process is shown in the animation at the top of this post.

If PayStation is not installed on your computer, then you’ll need to download the updated software installer file.  You can always download the latest version of PayStation via our trial download page at www.goauctionzoom.com/download.  The trial version of PayStation is the same as the full version, but will only process payments if you have an authorized merchant account.


Need help?  Just give us a call at 1-866-410-6865 or email us at support@goauctionzoom.com.

New support materials: We’ve added some new items to the support page on our website, including the sample databases for training and testing, the default templates, user guides and more.  We will continue to add items to this area, as well as new videos, and will notify by email, our Facebook, and our Twitter when we do.

Our email list: When do you want to hear from us?  We’ve created separate interest groupings in our email list to allow you to choose what you’re interested in hearing from us about. We’re doing this to refine our messaging and help avoid unwanted emails going out!

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