PayStation silent auction payment system at Rotary LobsterFest Auction 2017

The Rotary Club in Grove, OK held their annual LobsterFest recently, this year taking Tony Wisely’s advice and employing our PayStation silent auction payment system. Guests swiped when they arrived; no need to line up at checkout.  The event raised over $100,000 and served lobster dinners to 500 generous local supporters. We were glad to be a part of this event and to welcome another new organization to using our system.

Organizers wanted to keep the traditional bid-sheet style auction, but found that previous organizing efforts, which included Square card readers, left room for improvement. Rejecting expensive, unreliable and impersonal mobile bidding options (for a great article comparing mobile to bid sheet auctions, read this post by Kevin Rutter), Wisely and Rotary chose PayStation’s offline tokenizing and encrypting to capture and store swiped payment records at check in.  This ultra-fast process lets guests enjoy the evening without fear of payment lines at the end.

Wrap-up and Payment Processing Improved

The day after the event, Wisely and Rotary reconciled bids and purchases for each guest record in PayStation, in preparation for a one click upload to process payments. As a result, Grove Rotary completed their auction wrap up quickly and had funds in their bank account automatically deposited much sooner than they might have thought possible. Many organization’s like Grove Rotary struggle with the complexities of running fundraising auction events such as Lobsterfest.  Organizers have tight budgets and often feel a technology solution is out of reach, even if badly needed. Or, they feel technology will be too difficult to learn and might be off-putting to volunteers and guests.  AuctionZoom’s technology is an auction event’s best silent partner. It’s fast to get up and running (some of our clients come to us a few days before their event!) intuitive to learn and the low cost to purchase makes it affordable for any size budget. AuctionZoom streamlines all of the otherwise manual process and it does it all without requiring any internet or network connectivity.

The Grove Sun wrote a great article covering the event from the angle of our technology helping to make it run smoothly.  You can find this article online here:

Charities, schools, churches, hospitals and other non-profits are encouraged to contact us to discuss their event and how BidStation and PayStation can help save time and money while improving their auction. Learn more about about how to run great auctions and what we can offer to assist you by visiting our website and by viewing a three part video series detailing how to speed up check in and check out with our system.


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