Bidder Registration Card Template Kit download.

MS Word merge document template kit for creating bidder registration cards.

Technology can help streamline a benefit auction event, but it should be as discreet as possible to retain the atmosphere of engagement with your attendees. One way to reduce tech interaction but still increase efficiency and shorten lines is to prepare ahead of time for the unregistered guest with a pre-printed bidder registration card.  This free document template kit for fundraising auctions will be helpful for any auction, whether using our BidStation software or not (although we think it works best with it!). So no matter how you’re organizing your technology at your event, use this template and follow our suggested check-in process to make your guests happy and your auction run smoothly. The template is edit-friendly, i.e., add your own logo, change the bid number range, etc.

Full details on how to use this kit and why to use it can be found in our blog post at:

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