Working with the Payments Tool in BidStation.

Click or tap video to play.  Full screen option is in video window.

Click or tap video to play.  Full screen option is in video window.

Additional notes, instructions or tips.

The Payments module in BidStation tracks all payments your guests make and applies them towards their invoice balance. It is important that you keep track of each cash or check payment, so that you can input them accurately (typically after the auction, during wrap-up).  Some guests will swipe a card at check-in and then later pay by check or cash, in full or in part; so it is important that these payments be entered into BidStation before syncing balances owing with the invoice totals sync. This will ensure that any credit cards on file will only be charged for any remaining, unpaid, balance owing.

We’ve also included a video on this page that demonstrates the process of syncing data with BidStation. Syncing is fast, easy and will not only cut hours off of data input time, but will also increase accuracy.

PRO TIP: Bring along a box of letter-sized envelopes for cash or check payments.  Each cashier that accepts these payments will put each payment in its own envelope and mark the outside with the bidder number and amount. Later, when inputting payments, the separate envelopes will be a big help and make the job much faster – and more accurate.

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