Charity Silent Auction Management and Payments Solutions

Less technology, happier bidders and more funds raised through well-organized and line-free bid sheet silent auction events.



Credit Card Payment System for Auctions & Events

With PayStation, you can capture, tokenize (encrypt) and store payments using a PC and our USB card readers.  Speed up payments anywhere you need them.  Pre-swipe using ExpressPay for fast registration and no lines at check out.

Fast and smooth – in one swipe PayStation captures payment information and tracks all payments by bidder number.  It’s rock-solid in reliability and doesn’t need any connections to operate (Wi-Fi, Internet, phone, etc.). Very simple to set up and use.

Auction Database Software

BidStation enables you to run the silent auctions that bidders love most: an organized, line-free, smooth fundraising event.  Print bid sheets, track bids, create invoices and notify bidders by email.  Fall in love again with your paper bid sheet auction.

BidStation is fully integrated with PayStation for a comprehensive solution.  Fully network ready for team use, BidStation does not require an Internet connection to do its job at your event.


Online Ticket/Registration & Merchant Account Solutions

Our services go beyond software.  We bring together decades of experience working with hundreds of events with our internal team and our amazing auction partners.  We provide inexpensive, customized solutions to bring your event online and to accept payments for donations, sponsorship and event registrations.  We design and build to suit, whether it be a single event page or a full event site with multiple payment and registration forms.

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Get BidStation and PayStation software, a merchant account for payment simulations and sample database records to work with. Fully functional — only limited to 20 records.

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