PayStation’s Offline Credit Card Processing System

Offline Credit Card Processing Software
Accept All Credit Card Brands

Rates: 3.50% + $0.15/transaction

$0 setup, $0.00 per month.

Streamline payments, reduce lines, improve auction fundraising

Speedy Credit Card Processing for Auctions: Simple, secure and tailored to your organization’s payment processing needs, starting with the auction. When you choose PayStation Payment Processing Software for Nonprofits to streamline card payments at your fundraiser or auction, we will walk you through the fast and painless setup of a compatible merchant account with our payment processing partner, Paysafe.

How it Works: Opening a merchant account is straightforward. Complete a simple online application and within hours your account is approved and ready for use. Rate for Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Discover and Amex is one flat rate of 3.50%. No minimums, no contract terms, no setup fees or monthly fees.

Secure: Merchant accounts with Paysafe are direct with your organization — AuctionZoom facilitates payments through your Paysafe account. Processing deposits are made daily to your organization’s bank account with no transfer fees.

Dedicated Support: We understand nonprofits, we’ve been doing this more than a decade and we’d be happy to discuss your payment processing needs to develop a solution that works for you.

Learn More with our Free Trial: Try our auction software for free. More information on merchant accounts is provided with the free trial download.

Card payments made easy

No setup fees and simple online application makes it easy to open a merchant account for PayStation and process card payments at your event, online or anywhere!

Made for fundraising

The Paysafe account that you get with PayStation is specifically configured to work best for fundraising and especially at fundraising events.  Tokenizing payments means that you can accept cards where you don’t have internet or other connectivity.  Process payments when you’re ready.

Integrated payment processing

Your Paysafe merchant account works where and how you need it to work to make accepting card payments as quick and easy as possible.

Tokenized payments for security and convenience

Tokenizing payments means that you can pre-swipe cards at check-in for a cashless event.  Attendees go straight to pickup without having to line up for payments.  Process cards back at the office, after you’ve reconciled amounts owing.

Open your merchant account today!

PayStation is configured to securely encrypt and tokenize payments with Paysafe merchant accounts and payment processing technology.

Download the trial today to test drive.

Get BidStation and PayStation software, a merchant account for payment simulations and sample database records to work with. Fully functional — only limited to 20 records.

Ready to order?

Order online for instant download and unlock full features. Full refund if not satisfied.

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